Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Making an Articulated Joint

I have put together a little pictorial lesson
for creating an articulated joint,
as used in my most recent forlorn angel doll!

This is the forearm of the doll (pic on the left); 
attaching it to the "elbow" area 
(the round wooden bead, on the right).

After carefully drilling a hole through the top of
the forearm/wooden finial... thread a short
length of wire through the holes (pic on the left). 

Then thread the two ends of wire that you just inserted
in the top of the forearm through the hole 
that is already in the wooden bead/"elbow" 
of the upper arm (pic on the right).

Using a needle-nosed pliers, grasp the end of the
wire and begin to turn the pliers, wrapping the wire 
tightly around the tip of the pliers... 
then repeat on the other side!

Viola... You have a simple, articulated joint!
I plan on painting mine (wire and all)...
Have fun!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Forlorn Shoe Form Angel...

This guy is slowly... "becoming!"
With the addition of a mouth and chin... and wings,
he is taking on some personality... 
woeful, but personality none-the-less!

Thank you for stopping by...   Daryle